Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Raipur Passenger will run from March 31

Announced in the budget, Raipur - Korba Passenger Railway after the rack has been preparing for its operation. Expected that the new passenger car on the track will come March 31. Electrical Engineering and operations in Bhilai rack after being tested by the Department. The train operations will be cleared. Likely to train this month is also looking to train in the budget announced by the end of the fiscal year is up. Train operation timetable has been announced in July 11. Accordingly, the new train every morning at 8 discharged from Korba. Return 2 pm will depart from Raipur. Currently at 6 am A passenger train from Korba facility. The second train departs at 11 am is straight. A passenger train traveling in either the first or second has to do. The two crowded trains Pelm Relm(Heavy Rush).

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