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Ash bricks are made of:

    * Fly ash, lime, gypsum and coarse sand
    * Fly ash, cement and coarse sand


    * Ash content up to 60% by weight of brick
    * Conforming to IS 12894
    * 10% lighter in weight than conventional clay bricks
    * Compressive strength more than 100 kg /
    * Uniform in shape with frog
    * More durable as strength increases with passage of time
    * Water absorption within permissible limits
    * Less mortar consumption in masonry
    * Savings in plastering cost
    * Cost is comparable with conventional bricks

We also manufacture durable fly ash bricks. These are widely used by customers, as our products are made of premier quality material.
Fly ash brick is a powerful substitute for conventional clay bricks and has several characteristics like low water absorption, stiff corner of the block, light weighted, compressive strength at least 3 to 4 times of the conventional red brick, low cement consumption during brick work and plastering is not at all required.

laid foundation stones for two power plants

Mr Raman Singh CM of Chhattisgarh laid foundation stones for two coal based power plants of 1500 MW in Korba district on August 26th

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh Tuesday laid foundation stones for two power plants of
1500 MW at industrial city Korba

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Foundation laid for 1500 MW plants in Chhattisgarh

Aug 27, 2008
Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh
Tuesday laid foundation stones for two power plants of 1500 MW at industrial city Korba.

Jobs Aug 27, 2008
KORBA .CHHATTISHGARH (INDIA) - 495450. Phone: 07759-232036,216146 Fax: 07759-233099,233088

Friday, August 22, 2008

How to Reach Korba

How to Reach

Korba is connected to Champa Junction which is on the Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai South Eastern Railway. It is directly connected to Bilaspur the Divisional Head Quarter by rail and road through Katghora-Pali-Ratanpur road route. The nearest air-port is at Raipur, which is about 200km from Korba.

Korba district is the power hub for Chhattisgarh

Korba district is the power hub for Chhattisgarh and is also known as the power capital of the state.

The district comes under Bilaspur division. The district headquarter is Korba city, which is situated on the banks of the confluence of rivers Hasdeo and Ahiran.

Korba is situated in the northern half of the Chhattisgarh state and surrounded by the districts of Korea, Surguja, Bilaspur, Janjgir.

Kobra is the land of black diamond, kosa silk and thermal power.


The main river which is flowing through Korba district is the Hasdeo River.


Chaithurgarh (Lafagarh), Mahishasur Mardini temple, Kanki, Devapahari, Kosagaigarh, Kendai, Madwaarani, Kudurmal, Mouhargarh, Pali, Sarvamangala, Sitamani, Tuman

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

power plant

Sterlite, through its unit Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd, or Balco, is setting up a 1,215MW captive power plant in Jharsuguda, Orissa, and a 1,200MW project in Korba, Chhattisgarh.
Mint couldn't immediately ascertain the names of other companies that propose to set up captive power projects of more than 1,000MW capacity.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Akshat International, T.P. Nagar 245054
Anees Memon, Itwari Bazar 247171
C.S. Enterprises & Travels, T.P. Nagar 245626
Fair Deal STD-PCO, T.P. Nagar 245789
G.S. Communications, I.T.I 223719
Gauraha Travels, T.P. Nagar 223011
Indian Holidays, Niharika - - -
Kandhari Travels, T.P. Nagar 222046
R.R. Motors, T.P. Nagar 245539
Sen Travels, T.P. Nagar 222826


Airmen Courier Services, S.S. Plaza 223615
Blue Sky Courier, T.P. Nagar 245213
Flyking Courier, T.P. Nagar ---
Madhur Courier, Gandhi Chowk 223255
Madhur Courier, T.P. Nagar 245175
Mahalaxmi Stationay & Book Centre 234205
Maruti Courier Service, T.P. Nagar 225869
Perfect Courier, Agrasen Chowk
Professional Couriers, D.D. Market 221515
Reliance & D.T.P. Courier, T.P. Nagar 245903

Korba Insurance Providers

Life Insurance Corporation of India, T.P. Nagar 221079
National Insurance Co. Ltd., Kosabadi 221687
New India Insurance Co. Ltd., T.P. Nagar 221462
Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., Geetanjali Bhawan 2248136
Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., T.P. Nagar 221286
United India Insurance, Sitamani 248304
United India Insurance, T.P. Nagar 245795

KORBA Financial Services

Auto Deal, T.P. Nagar 9827182677
Cholamandalam Investment & Finance 245440
Glory Financers, T.P. Nagar 223899
Kotak Mahindra Finance Co., T.P. Nagar - - -
Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd., T.P. Nagar 245733
Shyam Finance Co., Shubhadha Complex 222371
Tanmay Finance Co., P.H. Road 223256
Varsha & Khushboo Finance, T.P. Nagar 245094
Vinayak Finance, T.P. Nagar 245852


Amrit Sandesh, Press Complex 245624
CGCN. News, Ashoka Complex 94252-24594
Chhattisgarh Gourav, Press Complex 221404
Chhattisgarh Pravakta, Press Complex 221406
Dainik Bhaskar, Press Complex 245621
Dainik Jagran, Press Complex 245770
Deshbandhu, Press Complex 245624
EMS, Press Complex 245740
Haribhoomi, T.P. Nagar 245604
Hindustan Times, Press Complex 222939
Hitwada, Press Complex 245802
Janpaksh, R.P. Nagar 245779
Jansatta, Press Complex 245944
Karnapriya, New Bus Stand 222732
Korba Balco Times, Press Complex 224432
Lokswar, Press Complex 221688
M.P. Cronical, Press Complex 245820
Mahakaushal, Press Complex - - -
NavBharat, Press Complex 221820
Nishpaksha Varta, Press Complex 222939
Praja Shakti, Durpa Road 224542
Raigarh Sandesh, Press Complex 223950
Rashtriya Vijay Mail, Press Complex 246070, 94252-24048
Samvad Sadhana, Stadium 245123
Sandhya Samikshak, Press Complex 245701
Swadesh, Press Complex 223082
Tarun Chhattisgarh, Budhwari 222381


Allahabad Bank, T.P. Nagar 221316
Bank of Baroda, S.S. Plaza 282976
Bank of India, Vikas Complex 245717
Bhoomi Vikas Bank, Katghora 250650
Bilaspur - Raipur Chh. Gramin Bank, Niharika 221520
Canara Bank, T.P. Nagar 222735
Central Bank of India, P.H. Road 221265
Co-Operative Bank, Korba 245712
Gramin Bank, Gevra 274519
Gramin Bank, Hardi Bazaar 274051
Jilla Sahakari Bank, Hardi Bazaar 275656
Jilla Sahakari Kendriya Bank, Balco 242074
Lead Bank, Korba 222413
Oriental Bank of Commerce, T.P. Nagar 222431
Punjab National Bank, Darri 233039
Punjab National Bank, Korba 221250
Punjab & Sindh Bank, Korba 245022
State Bank of India, Balco 242108
State Bank of India, Balgi 278205
State Bank of India, Banki Mongra - - -
State Bank of India, CSEB 221375
State Bank of India, Gevra 275205
State Bank of India, HTPS 233149
State Bank of India, I.T.I., Rampur 221309
State Bank of India, Jamnipali 233028
State Bank of India, Korba 221013
State Bank of India, Kusmunda 271238
State Bank of India, Manikpur 222563
State Bank of India, NTPC (ADM) 233056
State Bank of India, Ompur 279260
State Bank of India, Pali (07816) 232048
State Bank of India, SECL 221483
State Bank of India, WEST 233056
State Bank of Indore, M.P. Nagar 222807
State Bank of Indore, Main Road, Korba 248019
Uco Bank, Gevra 275265
Uco Bank, T.P. Nagar 221006
Union Bank, T.P. Nagar 245145


Korba Railway Station (07759) 221600
Champa Railway Station (07819) 245767
Bilaspur Railway Station (07752) 247198 , 247199
Raipur Railway Station (0771) 2528130 , 2528131
Raigarh Railway Station (07762) 225993

Tourist Place near KORBA Chhatisgarh

Pali (An historical place) Madwarani (An mythological place )
Kanki (An historical place) Sarvamangla (An mythological place )
Tumman (An historical place) Kendai fall (An natural picnic spot)
Lafagarh (An historical place) Bango Dam (An picnic spot)
Sitamani (An historical place) Picnic spots
Kosgaigarh (An historical place) Gardens
Kudurmal (An historical & mythological place) Others

Talkies in Korba is having some entertainment

Korba is having some entertainment places: Appoo Garden is one of the most popular entertainment place in Korba. Korba is also having some cinema halls some of them are:

* Chitra Talkies
* Niharika Talkies
* Bajrang Talkies


Dep. Train.No. Train Name Train No. Arr.
16:50 8517 Korba - Vishakapatnam - Korba (Link Exp.) 8518 11:10
08:00 6327 Korba - Trivendram - Korba (Cochin Exp.)(Wed,Sat) 6328 04:30
06:00 363 Korba - Raipur - Korba 362 23:45
10:55 361 Gevra - Bilaspur - Gevra 360 09:35
18:10 365 Gevra - Bilaspur - Gevra 364 17:00
21:20 367 Korba - Bilaspur - Korba 366 21:05

Korba Chhattisgarh India

Korba is located at [show location on an interactive map] 22.35° N 82.68° E.[1] It has an average elevation of 252 metres (826 feet).

Korba (population 1005,965) is a center of Korba District in the newly formed state of Chhattisgarh, India (Nov.1, 2000). It is situated at the confluence of the Hasdeo and Ahiran rivers. Located at 22*20' North latitude and 82*42' East longitude, with a height of 304.8 meter. above sea level. It is the major source of electricity in Chhattisgarh.

Korba city enjoys varied climates and weathers. Korba and Champa are well known for “Kosa”, a precious cloth, producing the best quality in the world. Being light in weight and having shiny glaze, it is use to make Kurtas, Sarees, Shirts, Salwar-Suits and other garments for party as well as casual wears. Korba is connected to Champa, the nearest railway junction, on the Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai, South Eastern Railway Zone. It is directly connected to Bilaspur the Divisional Head Quarter by rail and road through Katghora-Pali-Ratanpur. The nearest air-port is at Raipur, which is about 250 KM from Korba.

Korba city is really the Power Capital of India. NTPC's Super Thermal Power Plant in Korba is working at 90% Plant Load Factor (PLF), and the plants of the Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board (CSEB) are also highly efficient. There are huge coal reserves in the vicinity, offering cheap pithead power generation opportunities and there is enough water from the State's largest reservoir of Hasdeo Bango. 84% of India's coal is in Chhattisgarh and two other States. There are adequate coal supplies- South Eastern Coalfields Ltd, Bilaspur is doubling its production from 35 million tonnes to 70 million tonnes per annum.

Korba is also the site of an aluminium facility operated by Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO).