Friday, December 21, 2012

Balco's power plant in Korba is likely to be delayed

1200-Mw power plant operation of Vedanta-controlled Bharat Aluminium Company Limited ( Balco) in Korba is likely to be delayed as the Chhattisgarh government has terminated the factory licence.

The proposed power plant of Balco located in Korba—about 250 km from here—had been in the thick of controversy. The chimney disaster in the plant in September 2009 claimed 41 lives that put the entire plant under the scanner of the authorities.

Friday, September 7, 2012

STD Code chhattisgarh

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chhattisgarh is in grip of an intense heat wave as mercury crossed 44 degree ... State's industrial towns- Bhilai, Korba and Raigarh- too

Chhattisgarh is in grip of an intense heat wave as mercury crossed 44
degree ... State's industrial towns- Bhilai, Korba and Raigarh- too

Monday, April 23, 2012

BALCO brazen violations in the construction of power plants'

Vedanta controlled Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd (Balco) in Chhattisgarh allegedly didn't bother to seek 'mandatory' permission from the Korba Municipal Corporation (KMC) for its projects in the area. 
Documents obtained from the KMC under the right to information (RTI) have revealed that despite several notices having been served to Balco in the last few years to halt construction, it continued with the work without the necessary permits. 

Some of the major projects are being carried out in the industrial town of Korba, including a couple of thermal power plants.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Temperature of the mercury 43 degrees in Korba

Korba temperature is still harassing people. All are badly scorching sun. Temperature reached 43.7 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. May and June, and thinking what people are concerned. Engaged in a power plant in Drri of mercury in the thermometer instruments at the April 16 Min 19.09 Max 42.03 ° C.
Given the increasing order of the constant temperature in the heat can become frightening it can not be denied.

Start school at seven this morning, Korba

The Department of School Education in schools in the morning shift from 7.30 to 11.30 to the classes are ordered. Children in the summer it was decided in view of the difficulty. This instruction applies to all schools between April 16 and 30 remain.

Due to rising temperatures and summer schools have been rescheduled. Received instructions from headquarters to the District Education Department issued an order that directed all schools to have classes in the morning. Instructions issued on 16 April to 30 April, all public schools, subsidized private schools and private schools have also been implemented. The teachers continued - the overall assessment, the local test event and high - Higher Secondary Certificate Examination assessment work will continue as before. Primary and middle schools in the mid day meal scheme will operate undone. Children leave school before lunch will be distributed.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Loose ball to cross the mobile home theft

Seeing a chance to hang out into homes to steal mobile and other valuable goods, including goods seized by the Crime Branch of child theft. Seeing a chance to hang out into homes to steal mobile and other valuable goods, including goods seized by the Crime Branch of child theft. Suresh Pole crime branch in charge the last days of the city, Indiranagar resident Sunil Patel (27) father Gopal Patel mobile was stolen from the house. City police station to report the crime of theft was registered to enter the house. Some other similar incidents were reported to be received. Crime Branch had been examined. Periodically, including living around Sndehion who have also been questioned. However, did not find any clues. Ptasaji some hair caught in the past about the thieves.

New Raipur Passenger will run from March 31

Announced in the budget, Raipur - Korba Passenger Railway after the rack has been preparing for its operation. Expected that the new passenger car on the track will come March 31. Electrical Engineering and operations in Bhilai rack after being tested by the Department. The train operations will be cleared. Likely to train this month is also looking to train in the budget announced by the end of the fiscal year is up. Train operation timetable has been announced in July 11. Accordingly, the new train every morning at 8 discharged from Korba. Return 2 pm will depart from Raipur. Currently at 6 am A passenger train from Korba facility. The second train departs at 11 am is straight. A passenger train traveling in either the first or second has to do. The two crowded trains Pelm Relm(Heavy Rush).

Chhattisgarh electricity distribution company to improve the system Summer is a time of increasing power consumption

Chhattisgarh electricity distribution company to improve the system proposed by the city of 40 million plan has not been started. In the summer, once again people will suffer. Summer is a time of increasing power consumption. To get relief from the heat, fan, cooler and AC use. All this has an impact on distribution transformers. Load of the transformer to rise to the possibility of burning. Engaged in other equipment, cables, cutouts, Lgj become worse. The power supply again and again is interrupted. Apeediarpia power under the plan to improve the municipal corporation of Rs 40 crore for the electric distribution company involved in the 58 wards were sent by her head. Was made that this type of plan implementation, including the suburban areas of the city's distribution system is fully improved. That being said among the 40 million scheme to be launched soon. In summer, people will get benefit from it. But the reform plan has not been implemented.

Guddewa prizes in high school - korba

Guddewa prizes in high school Korba Tn Guddewa secondary schools in the prize distribution ceremony of the Senior Personnel Officer SECL Surakchhar Blgi Suresh was the hospitality. Education Committee chaired by the Treasurer Hiralal Sahu. During the program various competitions held during the academic year in school and excelled in the annual festival, the students - students awards were distributed. Program conducted by RA Singh.

Chhattisgarh shutdown against hiked excise duty on gold

Chhattisgarh shutdown against hiked excise duty on gold

duty on gold in this year's budget, affected normal life in
Chhattisgarh Bilaspur and state's key industrial towns Bhilai, Korba
and Raigarh.