Wednesday, November 12, 2008


RATANPUR - The old capital of the Chatisgarh state - the Ratanpur, is situated Approximately 75 km away from Korba. in the way of Katghora Road. According to the voice of local people, it was the important place in all four Youg. (Satyug, Dwaper, Treta & Kalyoug).

As per the tourism importantance, there is an old fort which is to day in scraped condition. There is very good attractive old sculpture on stone over the frame of Ganesh gate. In this Gate frame Idols of River Ganga-Jamuna are found to see. On entrance there looks Of the Tandav Dance of God Shivaji and statue of Bramha and Vishnu.

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Admirable said...

Nice info...Chhattisgarh is my birth place and its a traveler's delight. Now, I stay in Bangalore, but every year I visit CG and I am constantly in the look for an interesting place.