Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ash bricks are made of:

    * Fly ash, lime, gypsum and coarse sand
    * Fly ash, cement and coarse sand


    * Ash content up to 60% by weight of brick
    * Conforming to IS 12894
    * 10% lighter in weight than conventional clay bricks
    * Compressive strength more than 100 kg /
    * Uniform in shape with frog
    * More durable as strength increases with passage of time
    * Water absorption within permissible limits
    * Less mortar consumption in masonry
    * Savings in plastering cost
    * Cost is comparable with conventional bricks

We also manufacture durable fly ash bricks. These are widely used by customers, as our products are made of premier quality material.
Fly ash brick is a powerful substitute for conventional clay bricks and has several characteristics like low water absorption, stiff corner of the block, light weighted, compressive strength at least 3 to 4 times of the conventional red brick, low cement consumption during brick work and plastering is not at all required.



We introduce ourselves as one of the Leading Manufacturer for FLYASH BRICK - BLOCK - PAVER MAKING PLANT with "BUILDWELL" Brand Name. You can watch our live videos at by just searching "Buildwell Brick Machine"
Our Contact Number & E Mail id are as under

Shree Sahjanand Enterprise
Bhuj - Kutch - Gujarat
Phone No: 02832-250707
E Mail id:
Cell: 09825225343

Kranap said...

Thanks for your information. Which type of fly ash brick making machines do you provide?

Kranap said...

Yes, Fly ash brick making machines have emerged as an exclusive market segment in the construction industry for past few years.

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